If you connect an unprotected computer or computer without any security software to the internet, cyber criminals, hackers or identity thieves can attack your computer within seconds. So, to avoid such security problems and identity theft, you should have security software with at a minimum, firewall, antispyware and antivirus protection. There are various internet […]

There are several reasons why you should use security software to protect your personal information and your computer while online. Security software offers Internet users with protection against viruses, worms, spyware and other programs that are designed to influtrate your computer system without your permission.Internet security software will help prevent identity theft. Identity theft is […]

Norton Internet Security is the proven fastest and lightest security suite available–spend more time using your computer and less time waiting for your security software to perform Pulse updates for up-to-the-minute protection–delivered every 5 to 15 minutes to detect and eliminate new threats Intelligence-driven for faster, fewer, shorter scans–by leveraging a unique online intelligence system, […]

Norton security software expands to phones The computer security firm Symantec announced today it will expand its Norton line of security software to smartphones, tablet computers and other Internet-enabled devices. Symantec – Security – Computer security – Norton – Consultants Read more on MSNBC

To make the right choices for your security software, consider the following aspects: Cost of administration: In addition to the purchase cost, you need to factor in how much it costs to administer and manage the security software. It may require additional skills and expertise. Consider the cost as a whole and come up […]

Product DescriptionThreats to application security continue to evolve just as quickly as the systems that protect against cyber-threats. In many instances, traditional firewalls and other conventional controls can no longer get the job done. The latest line of defense is to build security features into software as it is being developed. Drawing from the author’s extensive experience as […]

Today, security is a major concern for businessmen and homeowners alike. As a result, lots of money are spent to have the ultimate DVR security system. However, the spotlight always shines on cutting-edge security gadgets and gizmos. The truth is, you need to have a very effective DVR security software to make the whole system […]

A computer user sitting at home can access freely as he/she wishes through internet connection. Day by day people are bound to use internet facility either at home, office, business or industry. Users of internet feel as incomplete if not being able to use even for a day or some couple of hours. And so […]

In today’s connected environment, it is essential to protect your system from attack and subsequent downtime. Losing your data is just about the worst possibility. But you can avoid this by using security software, which brings many benefits. These include: •#Data security: Sensitive company and customer data is recorded in your systems. Security software […]

Featuring a swiveling capless design, The Memorx Rotodrive ensures Product DescriptionCapless Design – Never Lose another Connect Cap Again Compact Form Factor for Easy Portability Includes SecureTD Security Software, Featuring Password Protection (PC Only) LED Indicates Drive Status Cross-Platform Compatible – Works with Windows (including Vista), Mac and Linux Includes Key Ring… Click Here For […]

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